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A Coaching Approach

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

A coaching culture exists where people are empowered and where coaching happens at every level. And not only does it happen at every level, but it adds to bottom line performance.

Now who wouldn't want that in their organisation?

The benefits impact both individual team members as well as the whole organization. It is instrumental in creating a more positive work environment, where it is safe to be open and honest. It supports innovation, creativity and engagement, whilst cultivating greater flexibility and adaptability to change within an organisation. Not only that, it develops staff and ensures that they retain ownership of problems and their solutions, freeing managers to manage.

So how can you create a coaching culture?

A coaching culture is underpinned by a coaching approach to leadership and management. Developing this in your management team requires 5 key essentials.

The 5 essentials of a coaching approach reconnect you with key principles that will transform your management style. Focused on having different conversations, the 5 essentials remove the need to adopt 'managerial' behaviours and focus instead on building trust by being genuine. By being human, managers develop care and compassion in the workplace and build positive relationships. They value diversity and commit time to develop their staff; enabling learning. They engender positivity and optimism that inspires innovation and ambition.

A coaching approach is a valuable aspect in all areas of management and the investment you make to develop this approach will pay dividends.

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